How To Starve Yourself Of Negative Diet Patterns

Sunday, June 14, 2009 0:18

The power of the mind has been well known to successful and
fulfilled people for centuries. Experts of the sub conscious mind
such as hypnotists have come up with ingenious ways that bypass
the conscious mind and speak directly to the sub conscious.

Often hypnosis is used to help people achieve their weight loss goals. In this article I will show you how to do that without any fancy hypnotist or high fees.

The sub conscious mind is the most powerful force in any human
being. When you first learned to drive you had to think about every
single thing to keep that car driving in the way you wanted to.
Gears, mirrors, indicators, steering and many other factors were
constantly thought about. After a while though all of these become
a habit. You repeat them so many times that your conscious mind no
longer has to think about them. Your sub conscious runs you on auto
pilot to carry out the manoeuvres.

So what does this have to do with weight loss? Well by using a
concept called “auto suggestion” you can help your sub conscious
mind “reprogram” yourself to stick to diets, eat healthier foods,
enjoy working out (seriously) and much more.

The reason so many people fail to lose weight is because they
program themselves for failure each and every time they try a new
diet. Because of bad experiences with shoddy diet programs in the
past they often tell themselves “This won’t work for me” and give
up a few weeks in. Think about whenever you’ve tried to diet in the
past. How long did you stick at? Probably not long enough if you’re
honest with yourself.

The technique I am to teach you now will enable you to starve
yourself of these negative thought patterns that you are constantly
bombarding your sub conscious mind with. Let’s retrain yourself
to be more positive about your weight loss and in turn develop a
thick skin that won’t give up whenever a diet doesn’t show instant
and massive results.

Your emotions and thoughts are like signals. Whenever you feel bad
about weight loss or dieting and have thoughts such as “I’m always
going to be overweight” stop what you’re doing and follow these

Step One. Think about what it is that makes you feel you’ll always
be overweight. You’ll get an image come into your mind. Maybe it’s
of you feeling down about a diet or you in the future and you
haven’t lost any weight.

Step Two. Pay attention to this image. This is your unconscious
telling you what thought is holding you back in your quest for
dieting. This is the image that you consistently put into your sub
conscious. You have programmed yourself to think this way and
that’s why it is so easy to give up on diets when things get a
little tough.

Step Three. Drain all the colour out of the image. Shrink it and
move it into the distance. If it happens to reappear repeat the
process. Drain it, shrink it and put it into the distance.

Step Four. Replace the image with an image of what you really want
to be like. Fit, healthy and at your perfect weight. Get
emotionally involved with the image. Think of how great it would
feel to have lost all the weight you want to. Make it full colour
and bring it closer to you.

Step Five. Hold your thumb and middle fingers together when you
feel that rush of excitement about the new future you.

Whilst this may all sound a little crazy this a very cool technique
for programming your sub conscious. If you do this every time you
feel a little down about weight loss or have any negative thoughts
soon it will become a habit.

Eventually you will have created “a mind anchor” so that you can
press your thumb and middle fingers together and get the rush of
excitement about your new, slim self. Any time you feel negative
about weight loss you put your fingers together and your sub
conscious will recognise this habit and use it to your advantage.

Ok. I do understand that this may seem a little “out there” but
this is based on the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming. This
is not some pie in the sky idea thought up by a lunatic. It is
based on the science of the mind and it works in reprogramming
yourself. Give it a go and stick at it!

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